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Statue of Vasco Nuñez de Balboa

the statue of vasco de nunez de balboa along balboa avenue in panama city, panama

Situated along the Cinta Costera, the Vasco Nuñez de Balboa Statue is a historical monument that pays tribute to the Spanish adventurer and first European to glimpse the Pacific Ocean in 1513. Holding the Spanish flag in his left hand and a sword with his right, the Vasco Nuñez de Balboa statue overlooks Panama Bay and is surrounded by benches and well-manicured plants and flowers.

The statue was sculpted by Miguel Blan and Mariano Benlliure and later donated by King Alfonso XIII of Spain. With representatives of some 15 Latin American countries present, President Belisario Porras inaugurated the monument on September 29, 1924.

statue of balboa panama city panama
the statue of balboa along the cinta costera in panama city, panama

Following the completion of the Cinta Costera, the Statue of Balboa has seen its visual impact significantly reduced. Previously, it resided along the water's edge on an outcropping that extended out into Panama Bay, where it received a considerable amount of foot and vehicular traffic, making it a popular gathering place. Nowadays, it's somewhat isolated. It lies on the center island that separates the east and west lanes, traversing along Balboa Avenue. As a result, it gets few visitors.

The statue's surroundings are manicured and well maintained, making it an easy subject for photographers.

Getting to the Statue of Balboa

Google Map - Vasco Nuñez Statue of Balboa

Any Metro Bus that runs along Balboa Avenue (Cinta Costera/Albrook) passes by the statue of Balboa.

the statue of vasco de nunez de balboa along balboa avenue in panama city, panama

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