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Veraguas Province Accommodations

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Covering an area that touches both the Atlantic to Pacific oceans, Veraguas ( see map ) shares a border with the Colon and Cocle provinces to the east, Herrera and Los Santos provinces to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the south, Chiriqui province to the southwest, Comarca Ngöbe–Buglé to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the north.

The capital of Veraguas is Santiago, and the region is divided into twelve districts. Currently, we have hotels listed for the following four districts:

  • Mariato: includes Palo Seco, Playa Malena, Playa Morrillo, Playa Reina, and Torio.
  • Santa Fé: includes Santa Fé.
  • Santiago: includes Santiago.
  • Soná: includes Santa Catalina and Soná.

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