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Coray Cay

coral cay, bastimentos island, bocas del toro, panama

Situated just off the southeastern corner of Bastimentos Island and only 30 minutes by water taxi from Bocas town, you'll find Coral Cay. Several over-the-water restaurants just like this one dot the shoreline, serving up local dishes and tropical drinks to tourists and locals alike. Coral Cay is, without question, Bocas' most popular tourist destination.

one of the many over-the-water restaurants at coral cay in bocas del toro, panama

Most day tours, particularly those visiting Zapatilla Cays, stop for lunch at Coral Cay. It's the perfect resting spot to savor the morning's events and prepare for the afternoon’s activities. Food orders are customarily placed 2-3 hours before lunch is served, providing visitors with ample time to snorkel, dive, or visit nearby beaches beforehand. Upon your return—about 1:00 p.m.—your meal is promptly served, complete with a cold beer and tropical drinks. Fresh lobster, fish, turtle, and conch are just a sample of what's on the menu at any of the Coral Cay restaurants, delicately prepared by seasoned chefs with island herbs and spices. There are several restaurants to choose from, some on Bastimentos Island and others on Coral Cay. Your tour operator will decide which one you visit.

A Snorkeler's Heaven!

While there, you are encouraged to snorkel in the clear, calm, and shallow water that is home to a diverse, colorful collection of underwater species, including angelfish, parrotfish, sea cucumbers, and bristle tree worms, sea urchins, among others. If the water is clear, there’s a lot to see, and it's right in front of the restaurant. It couldn't be easier!

two snorkers enjoying the clear, warm waters of coral cay, bocas del toro, panama
a christmas tree worm off coral cay, bocas del toro, panama
a bristle tree worm at coral cay, bocas del toro, panama

Ample shelter and gentle sea breezes make Coral Cay a must-see during your stay in Bocas. After lunch, most day tours visit Hospital Point and/or Red Frog Beach before returning to Bocas town.

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