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The Amador Causeway

the amador causeway, panama city, panama flamenco island

Once the home of a US Army base, the Amador Causeway has quickly become one of Panama’s most popular tourist destinations. Comprised of three small islands and extending 2-3 miles from the mainland, the Causeway offers visitors panoramic views of the Bridge of the Americas, Panama City, Panama Bay, and commercial vessels as they commence or complete their transit through the Panama Canal.

A must-see for anyone visiting Panama. Its gentle breezes, panoramic views, and an assortment of dining offer something for everyone.

the amador causeway panama city isla flamenco
the amador causeway, panama, looking back at the bridge of the americas

A view of the Amador Causeway, looking north towards the Bridge of the Americas.

The walking path that runs the entire length of the Causeway forms part of the Cinta Costa and is tiled with red brick and lined with tropical trees and comfortable benches. Open and well maintained, the path is popular with pedestrians, roller-bladers, skateboarders, and runners alike, particularly on weekends.

Its northernmost portion is home to the Radisson Hotel, Figali Convention Center, Biodiversity Museum, and the Balboa Yacht Club, the latter of which, has a long pier and fleet of private yachts anchored along the Canal.

Google Map - Biodiversity Museum Google Map - Balboa Yacht Club

As you head south—away from the mainland—the first island you reach is Noas, home to the Smithsonian Institute's Naos Laboratories and Marine Exhibition Center, or Punta Culebra. Resting along the Panama Canal, Naos Island has a small commercial center, hotel, and several restaurants. In addition, the ferry to Taboga Island departs from here; just before reaching the entrance to Punta Culebra, turn left and head for the pier.

A bit further ahead and off to the left is Perico Island, which resides inside Panama Bay. Here you’ll find a large commercial center with bars, restaurants, souvenirs, and retail stores. Perico Island is also home to Panama's first and only cruise ship terminal on the Pacific, which is currently under construction and nearing completion.

Continue south, and you’ll soon reach Flamenco Island, the last and largest of the Causeway’s three islands. The island consists of two large commercial complexes. Most, if not all, of the stores in the upper complex (off to the right), have closed. In the lower part, there are several eateries, Panama City's only Duty-Free shop, and the Fuerte Amador Marina & Resort.

Getting to Amador Causeway

Google Map - Amador Causeway Google Map - Albrook Bus Terminal

Metro buses to Amador Causeway depart every 30 minutes from the Albrook Bus Terminal; look for the bus that reads "Amador." They depart from behind/alongside the Metro train station, not from where most other buses arrive and depart from.

the amador causeway, panama city, panama flamenco island

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