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Summit Gardens

summit gardens panama city panama harpy eagle exhibit

Located just 30 minutes outside Panama City, Summit Gardens conserves 700 hectares, most dedicated to recreation, with a smaller section for plants, orchids, and animal viewing. Visitors have an opportunity to observe a small sample of the many animal species found in Panama, including several species of monkey, tapir, scarlet macaw, and puma. Signs point to areas of interest connected by well-maintained trails.

summit gardens panama city panama
summit gardens panama city panama
Unique Offerings

The Harpy Eagle Museum, while relatively small, has plenty of interesting facts, illustrations, and photos of these magnificent birds of prey, which happen to be Panama's national bird. Behind the museum, a large outdoor exhibit retains a pair of captive eagles, observable throughout the day.

The other exhibition, better known as Jaguar World, is a small enclosure where visitors can view these powerful cats up close. At the moment, the exhibit has just one jaguar.

Getting to Summit Gardens

Google Map - Summit Gardens Google Map - Albrook Bus Terminal

Metro buses to Summit Gardens depart from the Albrook Bus Terminal from the same vicinity as buses that service Miraflores Locks and Ciudad de Saber (City of Knowledge). The trip takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

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