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The Cinta Costera

the cinta costera, panama city, panama

The Cinta Costera is a park-like expanse spread out over more than 65 acres, built over several years in multiple phases. While it consists primarily of a walking path and bike lane, dispersed throughout, you'll find tennis, soccer, volleyball courts, exercise equipment, and other installations.

Popular with locals and foreigners alike, the Cinta Costa is an ideal place for a casual walk, run, or bike ride if your visit to Panama affords you ample time.

cinta costera panama city, panama

From its onset at Punta Paitilla, Panama City's most upscale and densely populated residential community, the Costera straddles Panama Bay and Balboa Avenue, heading west while passing the Statue of Balboa, until reaching the famous fish market, or "Casa de Mariscos." This portion of the Costera is very park-like, with plenty of large open spaces, manicured grounds, and numerous installations, including basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, and exercise equipment. It is, by far, the most frequented portion of the Costera, which is not surprising given the number of apartment buildings nearby.

Then, it encircles Casco Antiguo—over the water—before turning south past Maracana Stadium. The over-the-water section consists of a walking path and bike lane separated by a well-manicured garden-like divide. There's ample seating for those needing a rest. You get a nice view of Las Bovedas and the San Francisco de Asis Church, both of which reside along the waterfront of Casco Antiguo. Nearer to the stadium, the Costera again widens to accommodate several volleyball courts and a skateboard park.

It then proceeds down the Amador Causeway, passing the Bridge of the Americas, until it concludes on Flamenco Island. While many people regard the Amador Causeway as a unique destination, it is officially a part of the Cinta Costera—its southern-most section. A wide brick and cement path runs along both sides of the road, and there are plenty of places to sit.

a view of the cinta costera in panama city, panama
a view of the cinta costera, panama city, panama

In all, the Cinta Costera stretches more than 10 miles and provides unparalleled views of Panama City's downtown area and coastline. And as you can see in these photos, Panama City's skyline is impressive despite its small size and rivals those of much larger cities in North America, Europe, and elsewhere. There is little, if any, cover from one end to the other. You're out in the open the entire time, so plan accordingly. Nearer to the city, it's common to find people selling water and other refreshments, but after you pass the fish market, not so much. Aside from the fish market, there are no stores.

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the cinta costera, panama city, panama

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