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El Macho Waterfall

el macho waterfall, el valle de anton, panama

The "El Macho" Waterfall stands approximately 210 ft. (70m) tall and is tucked away deep in the dense forest. Visitors can choose between two trails of differing lengths and costs; both pass directly in front of the waterfall and offer unobstructed views. The trail consists of dirt, wooden steps, and stone. Generally speaking, it's easy to walk and not very demanding.

el macho waterfall el valle de anton panama

During the rainy months of September-November, the river swells considerably, and the waterfall can be impressive, forming a large pool at its base; you are not permitted anywhere near the waterfall's base. Further downstream and nearer to the entrance are plenty of shallow rivers winding through the rocky, lush landscape.

In addition to the hiking trails, the operation also offers a zip-lining tour. For more information, we recommend you visit their website.

Getting to El Macho Waterfall

Google Map - El Macho Waterfall

From the central market, continue straight along the main road until you reach the intersection, just after the bridge. Turn right, and continue until you reach the waterfall, which is off to the left. If you're walking, the trip shouldn't require any more than 20-25 minutes, and there are several signs to guide you. You can also take one of the mini-buses that read "La Mesa."

el macho waterfall, el valle de anton, panama

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