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Panama Province Accommodations

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The province of Panama ( see map ) lies just east of the Panama Canal. It shares a border with Comarca Guna Yala (San Blas) to the northeast, Darien province to the east, the Gulf of Panama to the south, Panama West (Oeste) province to the west, and Colon province to the north. The province also includes numerous islands off the Pacific coast, including the Pearl Islands and Toboga Island.

The province's capital is the city of Panama, and the region is divided into six districts. Currently, we have hotels listed for the following three districts:

  • Balboa: includes Isla Contadora (Pearl Islands).
  • Panama: includes Albrook, Amador Causeway, Casco Antiguo, City of Knowledge (Ciudad de Saber), Costa del Este, Panama City, and Tocumen Airport.
  • Taboga: includes Isla Taboga.


Google Map - Albrook

Amador Causeway

Google Map - Amador Causeway

Casco Antiguo (Viejo)

Google Map - Casco Antiguo (Viejo)

City of Knowledge (Ciudad de Saber)

Google Map - City of Knowledge

Costa del Este

Google Map - Costa del Este

Panama City

Google Map - Panama City

Tocumen Airport

Google Map - Tocumen Airport

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