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Bird Island (Swan Cay)

bird island, swan cay, bocas del toro, panama

Bird Island, also known as Swan Cay, resides just off Bocas' northern coast, near Drago. This small islet and its satellites are the only known nesting site in the Southwest Caribbean for the Red-billed Tropic bird and one of only three nesting sites on Panama's Caribbean coast for the Brown Booby. Capped with lush verdant forest and surrounded by clear, turquoise water, these jagged outcroppings were designated a marine preserve.

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Getting to Bird Island

Full-day tours to Bird Island from Bocas town can be arranged, providing you have enough people. Given its location, they are more expensive and of longer duration than most other tours. You might find it cheaper and easier to visit from Drago on Colon's northern side. From there, it's a short boat ride. To get to Drago from Bocas town, you can take a taxi or rent a bike.

Google Map - Bird Island

Note: You are not permitted to step onto the island.

a brown boobie with her offspring on bird island, bocas del toro, panama

bird island, swan cay, bocas del toro, panama

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