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Orchid Nusery

orchid nursery APROVACA, el valle de anton, panama

The nursery is managed by APROVACA, which concerns itself with the conservation of endangered species of local orchids and reproduction of very rare orchids. It also assists in the promotion of ecotourism and environmental education. They have display rooms and beautiful gardens where you'll find a wide assortment of orchids, in particular endemic species like "El EspĂ­ritu Santo," which happens to be Panama's national flower.

orchid nursery el valle de anton panama APROVACA

Getting to the Orchid Nursery

Google Map - Orchid Nursery

As you enter El Valle, you'll see signs pointing to the nursery along the road. Turn left at the entrance, which is just after the Texaco station, and follow this short road to its end. For more information, we recommend you visit their website.

orchid nursery APROVACA, el valle de anton, panama

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