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El Nispero Nursery & Zoo

el nispero zoo, el valle de anton, panama

The El Nispero Plant Nursery & Zoo is more of a nursery than a zoo, even though they have several animal species represented there. Visitors will appreciate the well-maintained trails and extensive array of tropical plants on display, which include Panama's national flower—El Espíritu Santo (Flower of the Holy Spirit)—between July and October.

el nispero zoo el valle de anton panama

The El Nispero Zoo is the best and only place in El Valle to observe the famous golden toads. Most of their natural habitat has either been destroyed or is inaccessible, making it virtually impossible to view them in the wild, if they even exist. The on-premises frog exhibit, managed by the Smithsonian Institute, has one large showcase set aside for the golden toads and between 10-15 smaller exhibitions for other frog species. It is very well presented and offers visitors a unique opportunity to see these fascinating reptiles up close.

Getting to El Nispero Zoo

Google Map - El Nispero Zoo

On the main road leading into town, turn right at the police station. At the fire station, turn right again, and continue along the winding road until you reach the entrance, which is off to the left.

el nispero zoo, el valle de anton, panama

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