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Metropolitan Natural Park

the metropolitan natural park in panama city, panama

The Metropolitan Natural Park (MNP), situated just outside of downtown Panama City, serves as a wonderful retreat for those wanting to escape from the neighboring city; it is the only park in Latin America with a natural forest located within a metropolitan capital. Encompassing approximately 655 acres, 474 of which consist of dry lowland Pacific forests, the Metropolitan Natural Park was declared a national park in 1985. Managed by an array of governmental and private institutions including the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the Metropolitan Park also shelters plants and animals threatened by extinction.

The park has six trails, all of which are well maintained and easy to hike. If you follow the main trail to its end, there are several look-out points offering sweeping views of Panama City, Panama Bay, and the surrounding area. While the park is home to a variety of different animal specises including monkeys, deer, and iguanas, this is not the place to go expecting to see animals. I've never had much luck spotting wildlife.

For more information, we recommend you visit the Metropolitan Natural Park website.

Getting to Metropolitan Natural Park

There are no public buses that pass by the park, so you will need to take a taxi.

Google Map - Metropolitan Natural Park
metropolitan natural park panama city panama

the metropolitan natural park in panama city, panama

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