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The procedure to obtain permission for a commercial or pleasure vessel to legally navigate in Panamanian waters, or to register a non-commercial vessel in Panama is simple and straight forward. In either case, the Panama Maritime Authority is responsible for such procedures, and has offices in Panama City and throughout the country, i.e. Bocas del Toro. Their English portion of their web site can be found at Click on the FAQ icon that is situated along the top of the page for more information. As well, you can click on the contact us page and consult with them directly.

If you plan to visit Panama by boat for a limited time only, you must complete forms AMP-2000 (see below) and AMP-00.

The owners of private use yachts (sailboats, motorboats, etc.) from a foreign registry (IN TRANSIT) that navigate in jurisdictional waters of the Republic of Panama shall pay according to the following monthly fees: (there is a three month minimum):

Monthly Tariffs
Up to 6 meters $5.00/month or fraction
Between 6-10 meters $10.00/month or fraction
Greater than 10 meters $20.00/month or fraction
Issuance of Navigation Permission $5.00
Radio License $25.00
Stamps for Navigation Permission $4.00
Stamps for Radio License $4.00

For those who wish to permanently reside in Panama, or leave there vessel in Panama for an extended period of time, only form AMP-00 has to be completed. However, prior to completing this form, one must pay the import taxes associated with registering your boat as a Panamanian vessel. Those taxes are determined by the customs officials and can not be estimated. Once the taxes have been paid, the form can then be completed, and all costs that result from completing the form and obtaining the necessary permits must also be paid.

Panama Maritime Authority Forms

Adobe PDF file Form AMP-2000 - Permission to Navigate in Panamanian Waters (ENGLISH).
This one page form is required of all those who wish to navigate a commercial and/or pleasure vessel in Panamanian waters. We have translated the bulk of the form to English to help those who can't read Spanish, and this form should serve as a reference only.

Adobe PDF file Form AMP-2000 - Permission to Navigate in Panamanian Waters (SPANISH).
Same form as above but in Spanish, an exact replica of the original form.

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